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SAV Reliant 4836


AAA Reg # 17923477

Owners: Blubaugh Angus Ranch
& Schaff Angus Valley

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Semen: $25 Certificate: $35

Reliant Pedigree

• This Blubaugh herd sire is a flush brother to the $235,000, SAV Seedstock 4838, bought by Herbster Angus Farms at the record-setting 2015 Schaff Angus Valley Sale.

• With a combination of phenotype and performance coupled with a 17.2 inch ribeye and a 41.5 centimeter scrotal circumference SAV Reliant 4836 was our selection of the SAV Registry 2831 sire group.

• This promising prospect is from the first calf crop by the $90,000 Accelerated Genetics sire, SAV Registry 2831, from the herd sire producing SAV Blackcap May 4136 whose 52 progeny in the 2015 SAV Sale sold for an average of $44,923.

Olympic Gold 563

Blubaugh Olympic Gold 563

AAA Reg # 18069601

Owners: Blubaugh Angus Ranch and Buford Ranches


Semen Available: Buford Ranches (918) 929-3275

Olympic Gold Pedigree

• The top-selling Lot 1 bull of the 2016 Blubaugh Production Sale to Buford Ranches, with remarkable thickness, performance and eye appeal.

This powerful and impressive bull by the $400,000 SAV International 2020 balances an individual birth ratio of 95 with individual weaning and yearling ratios of 109 and 110 respectively.

• His productive dam has a progeny weaning ratio of 108 on four calves who also include one of the top-selling bulls of the 2015 Blubaugh Sale.

Buford Reflex C300

Buford Reflex C300

AAA Reg # 18251460

Owners: Blubaugh Angus Ranch, Buford Ranches, Reisig Cattle, Albrecht Ranch, Penz Angus Ranch, Mikel Angus and Dale Rich

Semen available through Origen
$25 straw : $35 certificate

Reflex Pedigree

• The $35,000 second top-selling bull of the 2016 Buford Fall Sale to the partnership of Albrecht Angus Ranch, Penz Angus Ranch, Blubaugh Angus Ranch, Mikel Angus, Reisig Cattle and Dale Rich.

• This massive and impressive bull combines outstanding performance with depth, width, muscle and docility coupled with a unique pedigree.

• Double-bred to the famous All American Grand Champion Cow, SVF Forever Lady 57D who ranks among the breed’s top income-producers, and sired by a now-deceased sire who ranked among the top growth sires of the breed.

• Birth weight: 72 pounds, 205-day weight 885 pounds, 365 day weight 1,549 pounds.

Buford Meatwagon Z406


AAA Reg # 17392316

Owners: Blubaugh Angus Ranch, Copeland Angus Ranch, Buford Ranches, Werner Angus, Reisig Cattle and Marshall & Fenner Farms


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Semen Available: Buford Ranches (918) 929-3275

Meatwagon Pedigree

• Introducing this exciting young sire selected by Blubaugh Angus Ranch and their partners as the top-selling Lot 1 bull of the 2013 Buford Fall Sale where he sold one-half interest for $57,500.

• This powerful individual is by the great breeding bull, Rito 707 of Ideal 3407 7075, backed by the herd sire producing Emblynette family, from a dam who is a full sister-in-blood to the Accelerated Genetics sire, SAV 004 Predominant 4438.

Buford Bluestem B355


AAA Reg # 18063323

Owner: Blubaugh Angus Ranch


Semen: $25 Certificate: $30

Bluestem Pedigree

• This son of the proven ABS Global calving-ease sire, Buford Bluestem 9974, has an individual ribeye ratio of 110. This bull is a product of the embryo program, from a donor dam by the Pathfinder Sire, SAV Final Answer 0035.

• Buford Bluestem B355 was the high selling bull in his sire group at the 2015 Buford Fall Sale. He is as big bellied and high capacity as they come, with a CED of 15 and BW of -0.8.

SAV Windbreaker 3441


AAA Reg # 17633841

Owner: Blubaugh Angus Ranch and Schaff Angus Valley


Semen: $20 Certificate: $30

Windbreaker Pedigree

• This top-selling and leadoff bull of his sire group in the record-setting 2014 Schaff Angus Valley Sale in North Dakota, from the mating of the Accelerated Genetics sire, Apex Windy 078, with the current sire-producing SAV Blackcap 4136 who ranks as the #1 weaning and yearling weight EPD cow in the SAV her along with the second highest Milk EPD and records a progeny weaning ratio of 111 on four natural calves.

• The powerful and productive dam of this bull also ranks as the highest income-producing cow in SAV history with an impressive array of prominent sons working in AI studs along with 28 daughters retained in the SAV herd.

• As the top Milk EPD bull in the 2014 SAV Sale, SAV Windbreaker 3441 is backed by strong credentials and is a maternal brother to the noted sires, SAV Resource 1441, SAV Renown 3439, SAV Recharge 3436 and SAV Heritage 6295.

• The Pathfinder grandam of this bull is also a stellar producer whose sons include Angus Valley 1867 and SAV Brave 8320.
Birth weight 83 pounds, 205-day weight 926 pounds, 356-day weight 1449 pounds, 365-day ribeye 15.9.

BAR First Class 1376


AAA Reg # 17715084

Owner: Blubaugh Angus Ranch


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Semen: $25 Certificate: $35

First Class Pedigree

• A son of the Triple Crown Winner and $306,000, Dameron First Class, that stems back to a daughter of the Pathfinder Sire, DHD Traveler 6807, and one of the all-time great daughters of the 878, Masterfare LG Blossom 4013.

• This powerful First Class son reads with tremendous depth of body and overall balance, while maintaining a show ring presence; he’s a favorite of our ranch visitors.

SAV Namesake 4236


AAA Reg # 17923362

Owner: Blubaugh Angus Ranch
and Schaff Angus Valley

Namesake Pedigree

• Recommended for heifers, this high selling leadoff of his sire group, SAV Namesake 4236 is an elite curve bender and performance standout. He takes honors as the second top-indexing bull of his entire natural calf crop, earning a 205-day weight of 1043 lbs. for a weaning ratio of 115, as his dam’s first calf.

• His massive heavy-milking, 2-year-old dam by Rito 9969 is off to a great career start. His legendary grandam, SAV Elba 1094.

ZWT Windy 4573


AAA Reg # 17912163

Owner: Blubaugh Angus Ranch


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Semen: $20 Certificate: $30

WINDY Pedigree

• This Blubaugh junior herd sire by Apex Windy 078 was bought at the side of his dam from the maternal time tested SAV Priscilla family tracing back to the foundation dam SAV Priscilla 0416. We selected ZWT Windy 4573 because he is a unique outcross with plenty of power, depth of body, and easy fleshing ability. We look forward to having his daughters in the replacement pen.

SAV Treasure Mountain 2148


AAA Reg # 17318862

Owner: Blubaugh Angus Ranch
and Schaff Angus Valley


Semen: $10 Certificate: $20

Treasure Mountain Pedigree

• This Blubaugh sire selected from the 2012 Schaff Angus Valley Sale recorded individual weaning and yearling ratios of 109 and 107, respectively, and features a pedigree which stacks some of the fines of the herd sire producing Emblynette and Madame Pride families by the Accelerated Genetics sire, SAV Iron Mountain 8066, who has ranked among the breed’s top ten sires for annual registrations.

• The dam of this bull is a solid producing cow whose full sisters include the famous females, SAV Emblynette 3301, SAV Emblynette 0429 and SAV Emblynette 1182, among others stemming from the famous Pathfinder Dam, SAV Emblynette 7319. Birth weight 92 pounds, 205-day weight 961 pounds, 365-day weight 1548 pounds, 365-day ribeye 15.2.

SAV Voyager 1039

SAV Voyager 1039

AAA Reg # 17016445

Owner: Blubaugh Angus Ranch and Schaff Angus Valley


Semen: $15 Certificate: $25

Voyager Pedigree

• The Blubaugh senior herd sire selected as a feature of the 2012 sale at Schaff Angus Valley where he ranked as one of the lowest birth bulls of his calf crop with an individual birth ratio of 94 yearling ratios of 107 and 109, respectively, along with individual IMF and RE ratios of 115 and 107, respectively, as the first calf from and outstanding dam who combines a progeny birth ratio of 93 with a progeny weaning ration of 102 on four calves and a progeny yearling ratio of 107 on three head, stemming from the famous Pathfinder Dam, SAV Madame Pride 1093.

• A maternal brother, SAV Bumper Crop 2018, is the Semex sire who was a $32,500 feature of the 2013 SAV Sale.

Blubaugh Achiever 4139

Blubaugh Achiever 4139

AAA Reg # 17925583

Owner: Blubaugh Angus Ranch and Three Forks Ranch

Achiever Pedigree

• Recommended for Use on Heifers!

• Blubaugh Achiever 4139 combines proven calving ease, growth and carcass merit, while still being highly maternal. When you study his genomic profile you can see this is one outstanding individual for performance. Not often does a bull of this caliber surface with this combination of desirable traits. This great, A A R Ten X 7008 S A, son will work in any operation.